our services, and our company
A system which allows radio and podcast presenters to connect with studios, co-presenters, producers and guests. It requires just a computer with an internet connection, and a USB mic or audio interface. The service is subscription based, and runs in a web browser. No other software is required.
Our Company
In:Quality Limited - a UK company - has developed and operates a worldwide network for the real time transmission of professional audio. Established in 2013 in the North of England, its Founding Director is Kevin Leach – a former radio presenter and BBC sound engineer.
We make remote broadcasting affordable to all sectors of the media with minimal environmental impact.
SIP enabled devices and apps can connect to one another, and to ipDTL, in broadcast quality, in real time. A subscription allows users to assign a SIP Username to each device, so that it can be called at its username@sip.audio
SIP Codecs
The XLR and USB SIP Codec, are low cost IP codecs, which can be purchased as a starter package, complete with mic and headphones. They have an optional touchscreen, and connect using an existing internet connection.