Why we love ipDTL
Simple to setup - runs in Chrome browser.
No proprietary hardware or software.
Ideal replacement or alternative to ISDN line.
What will I need?
+ +
A computer. ‎Audio interface or USB microphone.
Solid internet connection.
How much does it cost?
excludes VAT
Which account type?
Account Type:   HQ     Stereo     Video     Remote Channels    Virtual Mixer   Suitable for:
Advanced Production Studios, TV.
Standard Voiceover, Radio OBs.
Simple Radio Contributions, Podcasts.
Day Pass
  • Provides access to connect between two locations. Valid for 24 hours once activated.
  • HQ Audio - 320 kbit/s Stereo + Video - 3 mbit/s 1080p
  • Call ISDN, mobile phones & landlines from ipDTL. Includes two hours outgoing ISDN, unlimited incoming.
Customise your Account
  Login IDs Log into ipDTL’s main web browser interface.
Connect to worldwide network of ipDTL subscribers. No connection charges.
  Link+ A dedicated web page which allows remote guests to connect with you.
  Tel Unlimited landline calls from ipDTL's web browser interface. Receive ISDN calls.
  Tel+ Call ISDN, mobile phones & landlines from ipDTL. Restrictions apply.
  Premium Listing Top result in your area on ipDTL Network map. Add audio, images & info.
Technical Data & Compatibility
Operating Systems: Windows, Mac OS, Chrome OS, Linux
Browsers: Chrome, Opera, Yandex
Hardware: Comrex ACCESS + BRIC-Link, Tieline Bridge-IT
Smartphone / Tablet:   ipdtl.com: Windows
SoftPhones: LuciLive, Media5fone
Audio Codecs: IP:       OPUS, G722, G711
ISDN: MPEG LII (128 Mono+JS, 64), G722, AAC LD (64 & 128), AAC 128, MPEG L3 128
Video Codecs: VP8
Protocols: STUN, TURN - Automatic Nat Traversal
Servers: Europe, North America, Asia
Backup system at ipdtl2.com
- Call an ISDN from your browser (more…)
- Replace traditional Telephone Balance Unit.
- Create a Phone Patch for voice sessions.
- UK & Worldwide map of users.
- Search for studios and voice overs.
- Find TV & radio stations with ipDTL.
Geek Data
- Wideband, low-delay OPUS audio codec.
- Peer to Peer data connection.
- Automatic NAT traversal. It just works!
ISDN Replacement for outside broadcasts & contributions

IP streaming using Chrome web browser for radio interviews, OBs, TV contributions, voice over, news gathering and sports commentary. Does the job of ISDN at a fraction of the cost!

ipDTL will try to establish a ‘peer-to-peer’ connection between two computers. If NAT configuration prevents this, audio streams are sent via one of our relay servers in the cloud.

Connect to multiple locations. Mix and record the audio in ipDTL’s virtual mixer.

Coming soon: hybrIP Talk Show System with ipDTL integration and call screening.

Live Remote Broadcasting in your Web Browser - Getting started with ipDTL...

 Install Chrome browser. Subscribe. Connect.

 Monthly or annual subscriptions can be made by Credit Card.

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