Production Studio
Voices: Swiss-German, German, French, Italien, Japanese etc.
Film ADR, Advertising etc.
Specialists in innovative audio content, producing immersive and interactive experiences. Whether for podcasts or advertising, we can bring your vision to life in 3D audio. Advertising. Podcasts. Audiobooks. Services: Scriptwriting, Actor Recording, 3D Audio Sound Design.
Languages:German French English
Microphones:Neumann M 149 U87 TLM 103 / Gefell M 930 / Brauner VALVET / Rhode NT 1000
Facilities:Micpreamp Forssell SMP-2 / TLA M4 / Universal Audio 2 LN 1176 / Mayah C12
Extra Services:Studio Hire, Portable Kit
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Zentweg 17c
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