Finiflex Ltd
Production Studio
0131 553 6717
Audio Pre and Post Production Sound Studios
Subjects:Sound Design, Voiceover Recording/Editing, ADR, Audio Grading/Restoration, Foley Recording, Music Composition/Production, Mixing/Mastering 5.1 (cinema) and up to 7.1 Surround Sound.
Languages:English, French
ISDN No:0131 555 1136 x2
Microphones:Neumann BCM104, TLM103, U67, Sennheiser 416
Facilities:Full Audio Pre and Post Production Facilities including: Control Room comfortably seats the Director, the Engineer, and up to 6 additional guests/ clients. Cinema Screening Room 16:9 110" Projection Screen at 1080p, in full 5.1 Surround. Airlock/ Voice Booth Facilities for 4 voice artists simultaneously. Office Facilities Wifi, printing, photocopying and really good coffee. Client catering available on request.
Extra Services:Studio Hire, Portable Kit
Contact Details
1 Queen Charlotte Street
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