Host remote radio show from home via internet with IP technology
Live Remote Audio and Video for Broadcasters
Radio TV Voiceover
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ipDTL Broadcast Chain Diagram
ISDN Replacement for remote broadcast contributions

IP streaming using Chrome web browser for radio interviews, remote broadcasts, TV contributions, voice over, newscasts and sports commentary. Does the job of ISDN at a fraction of the cost!

ipDTL will try to establish a ‘peer-to-peer’ connection between two computers. If NAT configuration prevents this, audio streams are sent via one of our relay servers in the cloud.

Geek Data
ipDTL 2 - Full Backup System

Fully independent backup system at alternative server location...just in case!

Getting started with ipDTL: Live Remote Broadcasting in your Web Browser
Getting started with ipDTL

Install Chrome browser. Get an Account. Subscribe.

Monthly or annual subscriptions can be made by PayPal. Other payment methods are welcome.