Babble-On Recording
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Babble-On is a full service audio production studio located just outside downtown Minneapolis on the eastern shores of Lake Nokomis. We are experts in recording, editing, sound-designing and mixing for traditional media (Radio,TV, Film), as well as for the new (podcasts, audio books, web and corporate videos, film shorts, e-learning tutorials, etc.)

We have a long established history of doing digital patches and, as such, are a destination resource for agencies and producers looking to do affordable, high end recording of local, regional or national talent. Of course…it doesn’t hurt that we have free parking and a very peaceful location that’s easy to get to. However, if you need us to get to you - we have remote recording ability as well.

An extensive sound effect library - much of it filled with our own work - is on site, as well as a full complement of production music from around the world.
Credits:We have won several Radio Mercury Awards, One Show Pencils, and numerous Gold, Silver and Bronze pins at The Show in Minneapolis.
Subjects:Recording, editing, sound-design, mixing, talent direction, radio, tv, film, audio production, digital patches, audio for video, audio books
Languages:English, a little French
ipDTL Login ID:BabbleOnRecording
Microphones:Sennheiser 416s, Neumann u87s, u89s, TLM 103s, M149, AKG C 451 B (pair), Blue Dragonfly, TRAM Lavalieres, and numerous dynamic mics all run through your choice of a Pendulum MDP-1, Great River MP-2NV or BAE 1073MP
Facilities:We have the latest version of Pro Tools and all the plug-ins necessary. The Dave Ahl designed recording room is large, quiet, and easily accommodates up to five talent at a time, while the colorful, comfy and snack-filled control room has seating for eight. Our location is easy to get to, has free parking, a large patio, is nearly equidistant between downtown Minneapolis and Saint Paul and is within a few miles of MSP International Airport.
Extra Services:Studio Hire, Portable Kit
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5120 27th Ave South
United States
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