Roger Woods VO
Voice Talent
+44 7501 368689
I have a voice described by my peers as articulate and assured, confident yet friendly, professional, warm and natural. It’s full of colour!

With more than 25 years experience in broadcasting and journalism, you’ll find me easy to work with, fast, proficient and entertaining.
Credits:BBC, American Express, Colt Communications, S&P Global Platts, Langbret, EZTrader, Norse, PPS Group, Riva Yatchs, Array Technologies, Infiniti Cars, Barcelona Egyptian Museum, Heidelburg Instruments, Yanmar GDR and many more...
ISDN No:via ipDTL
Microphones:Neumann TLM103
Facilities:Audient iD22, Adobe Audition, Esmono Booth,
Extra Services:Studio Hire, Portable Kit
Woods - R - Commercial Demo .mp3
Woods - R - Corporate Demo.mp3
Contact Details
Chapel Street
IP25 7LB
United Kingdom
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