Mario Filio
Voice Talent
52 55407691
Mexican actor and voice over owns a fresh and versatile voice, covering from solid institucional tones, to the most complex characterizations.
For over 30 years, his career includes work as a comedian, singer, voice over actor, announcer, actor in theatre, TV and movies. He is also currently a speaker and head of workshops, sharing his knowledge with students and communication professionals in Mexico, EUA and Latin America.
Credits:Official voiceover actor for the following Characters: Goofy, Miss Piggy, Wreck it Ralph, King Julien from Madagascar, Obi Wan Kenobi, Will Smith, Sacha Baron Cohen, Ewan McGregor, John C. Reilly and Clive Owen, among others.
Languages:Latin Spanish
ISDN No:213 670 2134
Microphones:Neumann TLM102, AKG 414, CAD
Facilities:2 recording studios
Extra Services:Portable Kit
Contact Details
Cordillera de los andes 236
Miguel Hidalgo
Ciudad de Mexico
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