Richard Williams
Voice Talent

I'm Richard and would love to discuss how I can assist you with your voiceover requirements.

I am a Professional Voice Over Artist with a Broadcast Quality Studio.

I am originally from Scotland but have since lived in Jersey, Dubai, Cape Town and now reside in Bath UK.

I have a a neutral English accent that can deliver scripts using various others including Scottish, Northern Irish, Northern, and of course South African!

My voice can be described as rich, distinguished as well as
upbeat, and very friendly.

I provide coaching and training support in the financial services industry to my associates and partners all over the world and I am pretty articulate. I am a great fan of technology and I can turn around jobs promptly and professionally.

Aspirations include:

- Commercials
- Comedic scripts
- Gaming scripts
- Various accents
- Healthcare
- Narration
- Instructional readings

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London Voiceover
T: 0203 086 7986
Agent - Kerrie Binda-Brown

Remix London
T – 07398124608
E -
Microphones:Audio Technica Condenser Microphone
Facilities:Broadcast quality studio booth and a flexible recording schedule
July Commercial Sound Reel 08072021.mp3
Contact Details
The Henge
United Kingdom
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