Eric Lee
Voice Talent
Strong, versatile, responsive, appealing voice talent for any style of commercial and narration projects; soft to hard sell; quick turnaround with on-target results; voice-over only & full production services; scriptwriting
Credits:NASCAR, Unisys, MSC Cruises, Pfizer, Vonage, SunTrust Bank, FAA
Subjects:broadcast, narration, elearning, medical, technical, character, character voice, explainer, on-hold, IVR, technical
Languages:American English
Microphones:Neumann TLM103
Facilities:Full, in-house production studio
Extra Services:Studio Hire, Portable Kit
Contact Details
1802 Woodland Avenue
United States
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Contributor Radio Station Production Studio Voice Talent Education Journalist Sound Engineer Host / Anchor Media Relations Podcaster TV Station
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