George Washington III
Voice Talent
George Washington III - VO Evolution is a professional voiceover studio in Charlotte, NC, providing voiceover solutions for clients around the world.

The studio has a 6' x 4' Studiobricks ONE Plus VO Edition booth, Apollo Twin Mk II Duo interface, and Sennheiser MHK-416 microphone, recording into Adobe Audition CC.

My work is in
-Corporate Narration
-Documentary Narration
-Television Promo
...and pretty much anything else you might need. Just ask!

Born and raised in Kankakee IL, I now live in Pineville, NC with my wife Janan.

If you need me or would like a demo, please call 704-293-7469 or email
Credits:DC Universe Online, ESPN, McDonalds, St. Louis Cardinals, Brooklyn Nets, National Museum of African-American History and Culture
Microphones:Sennheiser MKH-461, MXL VO-1A
Extra Services:Portable Kit
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United States
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