Brad Venable
Voice Talent
He was once described as “holding down the XY…both generations…and chromosomes.” Brad smiled at the appropriately geeky compliment.

Brad talks for a living. Incessantly.

You’ve probably heard Brad’s voice at least twice in your life and never even knew it, because Brad’s voice is heard on everything attached to a speaker. One day, you may be near Brad, and then you’ll hear him even without a speaker.

Somewhere in the world, he’s probably talking right now, and that’s oddly comforting. He could be talking somewhere, and yet could be sleeping at the same time. *mimes ‘mind blown’*

What Will Rogers said about liking the weather in Oklahoma could apply to someone who said they’ve never heard Brad’s voice: “Just wait.”

Computer tech, comic book collector, pop culture nerd, and avid gamer, Brad covers about every sub-culture cliché known to man, and can still sound like the don’t-dare-call-him-coolest hipster to ever wear clothes ironically. Now that’s irony for you.

Brad lives most of his life in a box, yet was not actually the inspiration for the Alice in Chains song. That was a point that needed clarifying.

Brad loves what he does, and does what he loves, with his beautiful wife Katie always by his side. Except when she’s at work. Then she’s not quite by his side.
Credits:Google, Pepsi, Brita, Toyota, Stouffer's, Planet Fitness, Dick's Sporting Goods, Honda, Six Flags
Microphones:Sennheiser MKH-416, Neumann U87
Extra Services:Portable Kit
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Brad Venable - Promo Demo 2017.mp3
Brad Venable - Animation Demo 2017.mp3
Brad Venable - Video Game Demo 2016.mp3
Contact Details
1137 N Central Ave #811
United States
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