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A system which allows radio and podcast hosts to connect with studios, co-hosts, producers and guests. It requires just a computer with an internet connection, and a USB microphone or audio interface. The service is subscription based, and runs in a web browser. No other software is required.
Our Company
In:Quality ist Entwickler und Betreiber eines weltweiten Netzes für die Übertragung von Audio in professioneller Qualität. Das Unternehmen wurde 2013 von Kevin Leach – einem ehemaligen Radiomoderator und Toningenieur der BBC – gegründet.
SIP enabled devices and apps can connect to one another, and to ipDTL, in broadcast quality, in real time. A subscription allows users to assign a SIP Username to each device, so that it can be called at its username@sip.audio
This is our low cost SIP device, which can be purchased as a starter kit, complete with microphone and headphones. It has an optional touchscreen, and connects using an existing internet connection.